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Scholarships and funding

Educational financing

Types of funding:

  • Full scholarships cover all tuition fees and boarding costs.
  • Partial scholarships cover between 20% and 90% of educational costs.
  • Unfunded places.

Scholarships (grants) are funded by UWC colleges and independent donors that support the education of Georgian students in UWC colleges.

Nomination of candidates and educational financing

Shortlisted candidates are nominated for a particular UWC college. As a general rule, colleges admit candidates based on the National Committees’ recommendations. However, each college reserves the right to make the final decision concerning each individual candidate.

Upon being nominated for a particular college and confirming their intention to enroll, those candidates vying for educational scholarships will receive a financial assessment form. Together with the completed form, candidates’ parents must submit paperwork verifying household income.

The Financial Evaluation Committee shall review the submitted paperwork and determine the scholarship amount available to the candidate.

Scholarship (grant) funds are limited. The need-based system ensures that scholarships are provided to those candidates who truly require them.