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Scholarships and education

What are the UWC’s fees? 

The full fees for each college are different. The cost of education varies between $16,000 and $54,000 per year. Payments are usually made before the start of the first and the second academic year. There are also needs-based scholarships (grants) available for all successful candidates.

Is there scholarship support available? 

Yes. Places are awarded at UWC on the basis of merit and potential, and the initial selection is a ‘needs blind’ process. So we hope that no one is put off from applying for financial reasons. Parents/ guardians of all successful candidates applying for funding assistance must fill out a means-testing form and submit documents confirming their family income. Based on this information the Financial Committee determines an affordable contribution. Scholarships (grants) may cover up to 100% of tuition fees, accommodation and meals for the two-year programme depending on a family’s circumstances. 

What does a scholarship cover? 

Usually, scholarships awarded to UWC students cover tuition fees, accommodation, board and books. Scholarships do not cover expenses such as travel, visas, health insurance, and pocket money, normally offset by the students’ parents or guardians. We hope therefore that no one is put off from applying for financial reasons.

Will the scholarship pay the student’s airfare to the school? 

Most UWC financial support does not cover travel or out-of-pocket expenses. Depending on the assessment of the financial position of the candidate’s family, some UWC colleges may consider each case individually to decide upon the appropriate level of support. Scholarship (grant) funds are limited. Scholarships (grants) are provided to candidates whose financial situation will not cover the full (or partial) cost of tuition.

How are scholarships for UWC educations financed? 

Scholarships (grants) are provided by the colleges, which collect the necessary financing through fundraising activities. Donors to UWC include philanthropists, private companies and alumni. 

What is the duration of scholarships provided to students? 

All scholarships are needs-based. The amount of scholarship awarded to each particular candidate is determined by the Financial Committee based on financial documents provided by the candidate’s family. The scholarships are provided for the period of studies at UWC.

Do you provide scholarships to participate in UWC summer programs? 

Unfortunately, no. Please check with UWC summer course organizers if there are scholarships available for programme participants.