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English language level

What level of English language knowledge is required in order to apply to UWC? 

The UWC movement seeks to select students based upon their suitability for the programme, irrespective of their native language or competence in the language of instruction (English). However, students and their parents are advised that attempting the IB Diploma Programme with little or no command of English will prove very burdensome for the student. While it is true that many students who enter the programme with  limited English go on to do very well, it is also true that many struggle and it takes them sometime to get used to carrying all school subjects in English, rather than in their native language. If you are accepted, we recommend you to spend some time on improving your language skills before college starts.

Are there any preparatory courses that will improve my entry chances? 

No. The best way to show that you are able to gain from, and contribute to, the UWC experience is to demonstrate motivation, involvement and an understanding of the UWC philosophy, as well as working to improve your English. For more information about admissions requirements, please see the question about the admissions process.