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Completing the application

When can I apply to UWC? 

The applications for 2019 entry will be accepted from September till 1st of December 2018. The application is available online and it need to be completed in full before the deadline.

In what form should I submit the application? 

To participate in the first selection stage, you may complete an application by following the link in the section “How to apply/Admissions process and deadlines”. Detailed information on how to compete applications is provided in the section “How to complete an online application”.

How are the candidate’s references submitted? 

Recommendations should be completed online by each referee. To do so, in the Task List in your user account select Section C/Section D and complete the application by indicating the name, surname and contact email address of the referee who will provide your reference. After completing the form and pressing Submit, a message containing a link to complete the reference will be sent to the referee’s address within ten minutes. By following this link and entering a password, your referee will receive access to Section C/D for completion.

I want to apply to a UWC college located in another country/continent. Can I apply to this college through the Selection Committee in Georgia? 

Yes, you can, but you need to meet the eligibility criteria. When submitting the application, indicate your preferred UWC college. However, the Selection Committee does not guarantee your enrollment to your college of choice.

Is official confirmation of English fluency required? 


Should I personally submit the application materials to enroll in college? 

No. The application is submitted electronically. You will only be required to turn up in person for the final selection stage.