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Admissions process and deadlines for entry to UWC in 2018

All Georgian citizens wishing to apply to a UWC college are required to undergo UWC Georgia selection process.

  • Step 1 (till November 30, 2017): completing the online application form. Please note that certain parts of the application must be completed not only by the applicants, but also by their parents and teachers. In addition to the completed form, candidates must provide their academic record from the school where they are currently enrolled. The application and the references must be completed in English (the essay shall also be written in English), although academic records may be submitted in Georgian. Only fully completed applications will be considered. Completing the application is a rigorous process requiring considerable time. Please start completing the application in advance.

The applicant must complete Sections A1 and A2 by themselves. These sections help UWC understand how and why you, in your own words, think that you are right for UWC and why UWC is right for you.

Your parents must complete Section B to confirm that they support your decision to apply for a place at UWC and that you have understood all conditions for applying, including the financial terms and conditions.

You must give Section C to someone who can provide a community reference for you. It should not be a teacher, a family member or a friend, but someone who knows you well and is older than 18 years of age. Examples of relevant persons to ask are sports coaches (outside school) or your supervisor if you are currently employed or do volunteer work.

You must give Section D to a teacher who knows you well. This is your school reference from your school teacher. The reference should be provided by the teacher who currently teaches you or was teaching you during the last two years.

You must attach to this application form a copy of your passport and a signed and stamped copy of your academic record including grades for the last academic year which you completed. Without a record of your grades, your application will be disqualified.

Note that the application and references must be completed in English, although academic records may be submitted in Georgian..

  • Step 2 (until end of January 2018): the UWC Selection Committee in Georgia carefully reviews all applications. If the candidate is successful at this first stage then they are invited to participate in a Skype interview. If you are invited to advance to the next stage of the selection process, the Selection Committee will contact you by the middle of January 2018. The results of each stage of the selection process will be sent to applicants via email.
  • Step 3 (February 2018): according to the results of the second round, candidates are invited for an interview, which is held in Tbilisi. The interview is conducted individually in English. Group activities will also take place. If you are invited to the final round, attendance is mandatory.
  • Step 4 (March 2018): informing candidates about the final result of the selection process. 

Distribution of spaces in the colleges

The Selection Committee nominates successful candidates to enroll in a particular UWC college, while taking into consideration candidates’ preferences indicated on the Application Form. As a general rule, colleges accept candidates based on the Selection Committees’ recommendations. However, colleges reserve the right to make the final decision concerning each individual candidate.

Please note:

  • Candidates apply to the UWC Selection Committee, not to any particular college;
  • Candidates may apply to only one Selection Committee;
  • Candidates with disabilities are also eligible to apply;
  • All information about candidates is confidential and not subject to disclosure.

The admission procedure and deadlines, as well as the eligibility criteria for entry to UWC in 2019 will be published in September 2018.